Frequently Asked Questions about the Fairfield Resident Garage Sale Fundraiser:

Q: Who is Fairfield Women’s Club?

A: We are a non-profit organization in the Fairfield community of Cypress, Texas. We promote new social interests, provide service to the community, and pursue intellectual and civic improvement. We donate our proceeds to our neighborhood and area charities. Please check out our website to see the Fairfield events we sponsor and local charities that receive donations from us.

Q: Why can’t we have a garage sale anytime we want? Why do we have to pay?

A: Our HOA prohibits garage sales. The HOA made an exception for Fairfield Women’s Club since the neighborhood Garage Sale is a community fundraiser and the proceeds directly benefit our community.

Q: I can’t print the sign.
A: We no longer use signs.  Please print your PayPal receipt and have it available on the day of the sale.

Q: What if I live in a gated community? What do I do?

A: Great news!  Winding Trails, Summer Gate and Lake Crest will have the gates open from 7-2 so that you can participate without having to move your things to another location.

Q: Why isn’t my donation refundable?

A: Your $25 is a donation for the Garage Sale Fundraiser.

Q: I just finished registering and looked at the map of registered addresses. Why am I not immediately on it?

A: We manually add the addresses to the map so we can keep accurate records. Your address will be added within 24-48 hours and before the day of the garage sale. 

Q: I only want to pay cash. Why do I have to go through a website? Is PayPal safe?

A: PayPal is considered the most secure form of internet payment and you don’t have to open an account with them to donate. Plus they accept checks. With online signup, you can sign up at any time, day or night. However, if for some reason you cannot use PayPal, please email us at and we will work with you.

Q: What happens if I sign up for the garage sale and then something happens and I can’t participate?

A: FWC thanks you for your donation. Garage sale funds help pay for some of our neighborhood activities that your families enjoy such as twice a year movie nights, the annual Independence Day parade and annual Graduation Tea.

Q: How do I know the funds raised from the Garage Sale go back to our community and to local charities?

A: The FWC is a 501(c)(4) which is annually audited. Reports are sent to our HOA by our CPA. If you would like to know what neighborhood activities we sponsor, please take a look at our home website at You are also welcome to attend any of our monthly meetings where we give financial reports and to learn more about our organization.

Q: Why Rain or Shine? Why not a rain date?

A: Organizing a large community-wide garage sale is not easy and rerouting the date would be a monumental task.

Q: What do I do with my extra belongings that aren’t sold? Can I donate them?

A: You are welcome to donate your belongings anywhere you like. We will not provide an outlet to do so.

Q: My house is in the back of Fairfield and there are not enough neighborhood signs pointing in my direction! Why not?

A: We are only allowed to post neighborhood signs where the HOA allows us so we encourage you to post your own signs.  Please note that if you do put up your own signs make sure they are removed by 3pm the day of the sale.

Q: What advertising will the FWC do for the garage sale?

A: FWC has posted the news on our website link for the Fairfield Garage Sale in the Gazette,  Greensheet, The Mirror, and local publications. You are welcome to post your address and the items you are selling on, etc. and place signs. However, ALL signage MUST be removed by 3pm the day of the sale. We also have registered addresses on Google maps available to print out. 

Q: What are some helpful hints for selling?

A: We will have signs placed around the neighborhood but encourage you to place additional signage leading to your house.  Please make sure these signs are picked up by 3pm.  We have advertised online, but if you have particular or high priced items to sell, Craigslist & eBay Classifieds will allow you to advertise for free and you can list those items drawing customers to your home.

Q: WOW! I am super impressed with the Fairfield Women’s Club and want to join in on the fun and excitement! How do I become an FWC member?

A: ALL adult female Fairfield and Lakes of Fairhaven residents are welcome at FWC! Come to a meeting (first meeting is free!) to join or sign up under the “Become a Member” tab on our website at Our meetings are every third Tuesday night of the month. Like our Facebook page or email us at so we can add you to our mailing list.